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Helping people make positive change
through experiential equine programs
What we do

All in Stride provides equine-assisted horsemanship and psychotherapy services throughout the greater Ventura County area. Utilizing the global standard of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) Model founded in 1999, horses - alongside certified mental-health professionals and horse persons - provide an experiential modality for clients to address psychological and behavioral treatment goals. 
WhY horses

Horses reflect the behavior and emotional state of the people around them and provide us with immediate and effective feedback. These sensitive horses have a keen sense of awareness of what is around them for their own protection. They are present, non-judgmental and honest – what you see on the outside reflects what is on the inside. They provide a clear message for us to understand ourselves.

Who Can benefit?

All in Stride treats a range of psychological conditions and works with individuals, couples and families; children, adolescents and adults. Professional and personal development – team building and corporate training are also offered. All our activities are ground based therefore no riding experience is required.

         Healing Begins Here
"I have been every so lucky to be able to participate in this wonderful program. Interacting with the horses has become an outlet for me. Horses can feel energy just like a person, the emotional connection you form can help one regain strength and confidence.I am beyond grateful to be a part of this program.”


Morgan Tufillaro


“I found myself extremely depressed ... I knew being around horses would somehow soothe me and get me grounded. I know that no matter how bad I am feeling, I can go to the stable, be outside, breath the fresh air, and love on these wonderful animals.”

Denise Hill

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