Services offered


Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning sessions for individual and group entities.

Forever Horse Homes

We offer a permanent home for full-time horses in our program - they are considered our family. We accept donated horses that are kind, gentle and even those of retirement age. This program provides the equine community with an active retired-life for horses that have no place to go after they have served the needs of their owners. Horses deserve a place of rest, and certainly not in our dogs’ food. 

Horse Sisters & Horse brothers

A peer-based program dedicated to mitigating the risks foster youth combat when transitioning from group homes to life abroad. HS & HB serves to empower adolescents and young adults through the healing power of horses, allowing them the opportunity for self-balance and confidence in their independence as they face aging-out of the foster system



Post-secondary program providing tailored support for special-needs youth and young adults, helping to garner work experience for their future endeavors in the public workforce


Populations We Serve (in particular)

1. At-risk youth; the special needs community; low-income families and veterans, among others

2. Small to large groups seeking to work together to increase leadership, productiveness and communication skills

3. Victims of violent crimes and abuse